Kalita glass wave series

The New Concept's Carita Wave series is easy to make a drip coffee with little taste inconsistency


  • Material: Heat resistant glass
  • Size: 155 (1-2 cups) or 185 (2-4 cups)
  • Made in Thailand

Kalita Wave Glass Dripper

HK$280.00 Regular Price
HK$252.00Sale Price
  • Use wave filter 185 (155)

    When using wave filter 185 (155), since there are few contact surfaces of dripper and filter, hot water does not accumulate in a biased part in the filter for a long time, and it drips promptly


    Wave Zone

    Even if you pour water in a biased way, since the bottom of the wave zone is flat, it is easy to fit evenly into powder


    Kalita type three hole

    Since the coffee liquid does not stay in the filter and the wave zone for a long time, it is possible to drip only the deliciousness with less extraction of the unnecessary ingredients

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