Nov 25, 2018

Let's start sharing about our grinder experience here!

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Me first!

My favourite electric grinder is Kalita Nice Cut Mill (discontinued already). It makes coffee with bright characteristics!


I am using Hario Skerton for office grinder and Porlex JP-30 for outdoor grinder. Former one has a sealed container to store coffee ground and the latter one performs the best with even grind size and wide range of grind size adjustment.

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  • 有好野要同大家分享,係一部同時可以用嚟磨espresso 同手沖用嘅咖啡粗幼度嘅磨豆機! 用磨豆機最怕有淨粉,咖啡粉粗幼嘅一致性亦係重要嘅考慮。(雖然我都深深明白到外貌嘅重要性,所以依款磨豆機絕對冇依個問題,因為第一眼我就深深咁俾佢吸引住啦) 呢款係用咗63mm強化不鏽鋼錐刀, 可以磨到細緻均一嘅咖啡粉, 而且佢聰明嘅設計令到咖啡淨粉接近零添~ (經親身實驗,每次最多淨粉0.2g) 大家想知更多有關niche zero 嘅詳情, 可以去佢官網睇下: 有興趣購買嘅朋友亦都可以去到CoHee 嘅網店購買:
  • "What are the difference between Kalita Next G and Kalita Nice Cut G?" This is the most frequent question we received upon grinder choices! So let me summarise the following points, as a user: 1. Burr Next G is ceramic burr while Nice Cut G's is stainless steel. Personally, I love ceramic burr more. So upon frequent use, there would be no metallic taste! 2. Anti-static function Next G has anti-static function to avoid coffee ground from spilling around. But Nice Cut G does not have. 3. Rotation speed Next G has relatively lower rotation speed while Nice Cut G is faster. So how to rotation speed matters the coffee taste? Apart from how fast the coffee being grinded, the rotation speed also determines the heat generated during grinding. Lower rotation speed may result slower grinding, however, the heat generated would be relatively less. The heat would affect the taste and the grind size of coffee ground! 4. Size & shape of coffee ground Both Kalita grinders are renowned by their flat burr with slices of coffee ground. Big surface area facilitates the extract of floral & fruity flavour of coffee beans. This is also the reason that I love Kalita grinders. For Next G, the ground is even more flatter and bigger slices. You can tell fruity taste is more outstanding for Next G if you taste it. 5. Residue The new design of Next G makes less residue left in the grinder. So it becomes easier for maintenance and less impacts of residue from previous grind. You could come over our CoHee Studio and try the difference on your own! The difference on coffee tastes for the same beans could show you more concretely!