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This new dripper is the first product of Kalita in collaboration with “Made in Tsubame”. Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture, is well-known for its metal processing craftsmanship and their techniques. Only the products fulfilling the standard set by Tsubame Chamber of Commerce and Industry have the engraved mark of “Made in Tsubame”. 

The traditional design of Kalita, a flat bottom with three holes for even extraction, allows all brewers to enjoy a consistent flavor of their coffee. 

For WDS-155
Size: 113 x 113 x 76 mm
Weight: 177 g
Material: Stainless Steel
※ Kalita Wave Filter 155 is compatible.

For WDS-185
Size: 116 x 118 x 88 mm
Material: Stainless Steel
※ Kalita Wave Filter 185 is compatible.

Kalita Wave Dripper [Tsubame & Kalita]

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